Thank you, customers who have been with Live Natural, through our beginning as Alpha RX Plus LLC. in 2011 and are still trusting in us to deliver products which are budget friendly and solve issues in the bedroom with herbal supplements. Very important issues like erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness.

Through customer feedback in our surveys, Live Natural has been able to improve, and enhance products like former Alpha RX Plus, which is now in its second generation as Alpha-Omega7.

We look forward to continuing to provide solutions which keep harmony in the marriage, and make men and women feel youthful, virile, and worthy throughout their aging process.

We’d like to highlight some of the feedback you have given us over the years.

Customer Robert S. in 2011 wrote to say
"I was looking for a holistic answer to my erectile dysfunction. I decided to try Alpharxplus, I am really happy that this holistic approach does not have any of the awful side-effects that the big pharma products list in length with their products. Thank you for a healthy solution.


Here’s feedback that let us know we really assisted in solving a problem and brought harmony back to a marriage..

Customer Charles S. Virginia. sent us this in 2013:
"As a middle-aged married couple dealing with all the complexities of modern life, we had found that intimacy was one of the first things that suffered. When the time and mood was right, frequently the performance wasn't, causing even more stress in our lives. AlphaRXPlus has renewed the spark!"


Fast forward to 2021, long time customer Cornelius E. wrote recently to tell us: "Yes, i am happy with your product, as I have been since we started our healthy journey. Keep up the good work". Thank you.

Also, from customer David J. "outstanding results, after taking other products this is the one that works for me. alpharx plus is the best. Thank you live natural!"


In 2020 Live Natural introduced a new and revolutionary product for erectile dysfunction Virility Candy.

Here’s some of the feedback on Virility Candy:

Customer Fitz sent feedback saying, "I loved it immensely."

*Customer Norman in Illinois on Virility Candy-"IT WORKS!"

Steven in Malaysia wrote to say: 

"Tried the virility candy". "This candy is very effective". 

Customer Willie T. Wrote us to say; "The Best Candy ever"! "A Powerful effect on one's Sexual life."

A recent email received from long time customer regarding Alpha RX Plus. "Yes, i am happy with your product, as I have been since we started our healthy journey. Keep up the good work". Thank you. Cornelius E. August 20212021 March customer feedback; "outstanding results, after taking other products this is the one that works for me. alpharx plus is the best. Thank you live natural!" David J.    Thank you and we continue to improve the products offered from Live Natural, Alpha RX Plus is in its second generation, now Alpha-Omega7.

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns we haven’t posted feedback from our female customers on Eve’s Alpha8, but it has been positive and enlightening.

We invite you to try our line of herbal products to save your budget and provide results, without side effects, and disappointment.

And oh yes, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on products from

Live Natural. Stay healthy, stay safe and Live Natural

                                  Customer survey May 4, 2021 (1300) customer response.
Q1. Have you used Alpha RX Plus in the last 12 months?
(Yes): 1202
(No): 98

Q3. Has Alpha RX Plus continued to provide
results in 2021?

A. (1). Extremely effect-397
A. (2). Very effective-463
A. (3). Somewhat effective-342
A. (4). Not so effective-10
A. (5), not at all effective-1
Did not respond-87

Q5. Have you used our newest product Virility Candy?
(Yes). 55
(No). 84

Q7. Are your erections lasting longer with Virility Candy?
(Yes). 13
(No). 1
To soon to evaluate

Q9. Would you give us feedback on your feelings of our products?  If you provide feedback and we can use it on our site and advertising, Live Natural will only use your first name, last initial and state you reside. (example: Jerry B, New Jersey).
(A). Exceeded expectations: 347
(A). Met expectations: 564
(A). To new to evaluate: 113
(A). Satisfied: 276
We did not receive any written feedback in this survey. Possibly due to the way the question was formed. Thank you to all for your time and response. 

Q2. Did you notice positive results in your erectile function?(Yes): 1200(No): 2
Q4. Have  you noticed any drop in strength of erections with Alpha RX Plus? 
A. (Yes).2
A. (No).908
Did not respond- 390
Q6. Does Virility Candy provide quicker erections?(Yes). 13
(No). 0
Response: To soon to evaluate 
Q8. Do you approve of our new packaging for Alpha RX Plus?
A. (Yes). 655
A. (No). 12
A.(either is okay). 633
Below more written feedback from customers from 2011 to present. 


Customer Phillip R. Los Angeles, CA. with us from 2012 wrote us to say:

"I'm 73 years old and for the past 50 years I have avoided using prescription drugs mainly because they all seem to have countless side effects. So when I started having prostate and erectile problems needless to say I tried several all natural products. Most of the products offered 100% money back guarantee and some of them advertised satisfactory results in two or three days, some even state you will see results the same day, one of the products advertised that you will have an enormous erection in ONE MINUTE! None of these products worked for me. 

Then I discovered Alpharxplus online and decided to order some. looking back on it I'm so glad that I did, but at the time I placed my order I thought, this stuff is probably going to be like all the others, but since there is a 100% money back guarantee I thought, why not, after trying the product for just two days to my pleasant surprise, Alpharxplus actually backed up all of it's claims with consistent results putting it in simple terms "it works". 
Thanks for manufacturing an excellent product. Please don't change the formula it's great!


Here's what customer Ron mentioned in an email about Alpha RX Plus:
Yes, it certainly does work!  It works about as well as Cialis only better.  The 5mg, take daily, Cialis costs about $350 a month if you don't have drug insurance.  You bet this stuff works. Ron, Arizona.  {Alpha RX Plus customer since August 2013} 


"this stuff rocks! I’m a paraplegic and lost some feeling down below, this stuff gives me an erection in the morning, afternoon and night! I orgasm easier and just feel youthful with it! If it can help a guy in my situation, I can just imagine a healthy guy. You guys can never go out of business! Please! Thank you and keep up the good work!" Don, California

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                            About enhanced Alpha RX Plus-Alpha-Omega7

In 2011 when Live Natural, formally known as Alpha RX Plus LLC. offered our product Alpha RX Plus, men with erectile dysfunction fell in love with our product because it provided solid, lasting erections. And those erections came without side effects, and customers could fit it in their budgets.

Many customers told us in feedback of waking mornings with erections, like they did in their twenties. Somewhere, for a few customers that reaction got lost in the sauce.

But thanks to your feedback in our customer surveys, Live Natural knew we had to revisit our formula, get back to the success provided prior to 2019.

We felt any number below 97% success rate was not within our goal for

Alpha RX Plus. So, we have enhanced our product and will offer it beginning early fall.

Why didn’t Live Natural shoot for 100% success rate? Because potential customers who may have had operations in the pelvic area damaging nerves, have less chance of success. And as customers take blood pressure medicines which may cause excessive urination, buildup must be more frequent.

All internal systems are not the same and lasting effects will not be the same, our systems are designed to get rid of and or recycle foods and dietary supplements in the body. That’s why, when prescribed you must take your blood pressure pills systematically.

The same goes for herbal solutions, they eventually move out due to frequent urination or bowl moment. It’s normal.

But Live Natural is striving to provide you with the best all-natural, herbal solutions, and within a budget.


Thank you'


     Treat the lady in your life with Eve's Alpha 8; helps ease pain during sex, due to dryness and offers       other physiological benefits. Combined, Eve's with Alpha RX Plus makes for an enjoyable intimacy.